Air Cushioned Shock Absorbers, Kitchen Drawer, Cupboard Door, Furniture Industry Shock Absorbers

Air cushioned shock absorbers are designed with the furniture industry in mind. The air cushioned shock absorber is available with a self extending piston rod or without any reset. This makes the air cushioned shock absorber ideal for kitchen drawers or cupboards shock absorber use and as an added benefit offers noise absorbing when the drawer or door is closed. 

  • Air cushioned shock absorber ideal for furniture industry drawer or door applications
  • Model reference WAS 1015

    • self-extending
    • air-cushioned shock absorber
    • noise-absorbing
    • for 10 mm drill hole
  • Model reference WAS-Z 0950

    • no reset
    • air-cushioned shock absorber
  • Air cushioned shock absorber body made from plastic
  • RoHS - compliant: Directive 2002/95/EC