Special Shock Absorbers

Examples of Weforma special shock absorbers that have been developed for special applications include:

• Glass forming/molding machine shock absorbers

Shock absorbers for glass forming/molding machines have been designed for use at temperatures up to 120°C using high-temperature seals and a special piston to ensure a long service life.

• Pallet system shock absorbers

Self-compensating shock absorbers incorporating a special internal valve design enable conveyor component transfer pallets of differing weights to be decelerated.

• i-Mega-Line PC/PLC controlled shock absorbers

The shock absorber range can be controlled by a PC or PLC.

Shock absorbing characteristic can be set externally. As a result the i-Mega-Line shock absorber can be used in applications where the impact mass size varies but still can be decelerated precisely. Another application is the adjustment of the absorber characteristic allows for changing working environment temperatures with the result that a constant absorption curve is achieved.

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