Metal Cushions

Metal cushion mountings are ideal for vibration isolation especially in machine tool mount applications. They are mouldings made from a wire mesh set with elastic properties.They can be used on their own or in combination with fittings. The metal wire mesh cushion anti vibration mount reduce noise and can be used over a wide range of temperatures in aggresive environments. 

Typical applications include: Machine tool mounts, Exhaust systems, powertrains, electronics, filtration/emission, bodyworks, add-on parts, engines, auxiliaries and safety systems.

Metal cushion anti vibration mounts have the following benefits: 

• Shock-absorbing and vibration-isolation

• Corrosion-resistant against solvents, acids, oils, greases, liquids and dust
• Resistant to age - no permanent deformation, no hardening and no creeping
• Temperature range -90°C to +400°C
• Long lifespan
• Manufactured from stainless steel
• Requires little space
• Easy to mount
• Online calculator
• Online: CAD drawings 2D and 3D

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