Electric Pallet Stopper WPS-ED

If shock-sensitive parts are conveyed on a pallet, this must be slowed down gently when transferring from a longitudinal to a transverse section or vice versa. This task is performed by the electric angle dampers of the WPS-ED series. The damping is pneumatic and steplessly adjustable. The return is performed electrically.

The patented return is based on a rotary movement of the piston rod. This eliminates the vertical stroke when compared to conventional stoppers. The stoppers meet IP64 protection class.

The damping is self-adjusting within a certain range, but can also be adjusted on the topside of the unit.

  • Return via rotary movement, no vertical stroke necessary
  • Splash-proof rating  IP64
  • Resistant to dust and dirt
  • Energy-efficient compared to compressed air
  • Function control possible additionally via an app
  • Piston rod hard-coated: insensitive to bonding, e.g., welding
  • LED – Diagnostic function
  • Temperature range: +5ºC up to +60ºC
  • Transfer systems
  • Automotive and supply industry
  • Consumer and capital goods industry
  • Electrical and electronics industry
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry