Glass Molding Machinery

"Mega Line" shock absorbers are used in linear systems in the area of bottle forming. Prior to removing the red glowing bottle, the seam on the bottle neck is removed with a flame. This ensures the subsequent impermeability and minimizes the risk of injury. The shock absorbers have high-temperature seals, hardened aluminium-titanium coated pistons, hardened pressure pipes, surface protection "ProSurf" and come in quick-change designs tailored to suit customer specifications.

  • High Temperature Models for the Glass Industry
  • Deceleration characteristics: self-compensating
  • Impact Speed: 0,2 - 4,5 m/s
  • Temperature: 0°C - +120°C
  • Integrated End Stop: Full Stroke Operation
  • Flats: Quick assembly
  • RoHS - conform: Directive 2002/95/EC