ADS-SR with protection tube passenger Lift & Freight Load Elevator Shock Absorber

The Weforma ADS range of passenger lift shock absorbers and freight load elevators shock absorbers are TUV safety certified meeting the lift directive 95/16/EC; EN81 parts 1 & 2  requirements. The two model versions offered include the ADS-SR series supplied with a protection tube and the ADS-ST series supplied with a contact pin. Both series have a proximity safety limit switch meeting DIN EN 50047 

  • Passenger lift and freight load elevators shock absorber use
  • Body housing painted
  • Chrome plated piston rod
  • Operating temperature -20° to +80° C
  • Proximity safety limit switch to DIN EN 50047
  • TÜV EC type certified meeting Lift directive 95/16/EC; EN 81-1/2
  • Proximity switch sensor for piston movement detection

As alternative use Overrun Buffers for Elevators where space is limited