HLS series Heavy Duty
Shock Absorber Buffer

The HLS range of heavy duty shock absorber buffers are suitable for applications that require protection from high impact forces found in material handling applications such as in the overhead gantry crane industry, heavy machinery movement or swing bridge shock absorber buffer use.

  • Heavy duty shock absorber buffer available on quick delivery lead times
  • Applications include overhead gantry crane shock absorber buffers, swing bridge shock absorbers,railway buffer shock absorbers, mining and steel industry shock absorber buffers, paper mill buffers and military defence shock absorber buffers
  • Energy absorption up to 230,000Nm
  • Unique heavy duty shock absorber buffer deceleration characteristics to customer application specification 
  • Body housing zinc plated. Can be supplied with painted protection finish DIN ISO 12944-C5L for outdoor or marine shock absorber use
  • Protection bellows option available for heavy duty shock absorber buffers used in harsh working environments found in steel mills and mining applications
  • High life cycle. Hard chrome-plated piston rod
  • Special seals + oils options available


HLS 40
HLS 63
HLS 70
HLS 75
HLS 90
HLS 100
HLS 110
HLS 160